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Ambazari Lake

The attractive Ambazari Lake is one of the leading tourist attractions of Nagpur for the tourists who come to visit Nagpur on a leisure tour. The Ambazari Lake of Nagpur is situated at a distance of 6 km towards the west of the city. The people who visit this place can take part in a range of fun activities like boating and riding in the toy train. One of the most favored games of the place is the Swinging Columbus Boat. There is a playing field, which is set with all the necessary facilities to pull the young people of the city. There is a musical fountain and a replica of a fossil, which are of much interest to the children who visit the place.

The wonderfully landscaped gardens that adjoin the lake are spread across 20 acres of land and are packed with fun filled activities for all ages and preferences. Put on your walking shoes and take a natural walk on the outstanding walking trails that line the park. The lakefront is a perfect spot for picnics. Lay down by the lake and watch the popular air show on Saturdays and Sundays. Marvel at the dexterity with which the remote controlled planes land on the water…. a great source of delight to the thousands of visitors who come here to spend a few carefree hours over the holidays.

The high-quality supervision of the Ambazari Lake, Nagpur adds to the natural beauty of the place. This place is particularly intended for the enjoyment of the children, who take a lot of interest in the popular games offered by the place. The lake is very admired among the tourists, as it is the most striking of all the lakes that are situated in Nagpur. It is also the biggest lake of the city.